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"Looking for some fun Relationship Quizzes, Romance Quizzes and Love Tests to try on a rainy day? All entertaining, informative and original... but even more importantly... all totally free relationship tests! If so, you can stop the search! You've arrived at the right spot.

Whether you're seeking teen relationship quizzes, personality compatibility tests or love language profiles, this is the place!

Keep in mind that these free relationship tests and quizes should not be the authority by which you make life changing decisions or by which you should run your life. Their prime purpose is FUN! Hopefully, however, they will give you more insight into who you are, who your partner is and the way you interact together.

So, save this page and keep a look out for our new free relationship tests and romance quizzes that will be updated regularly.

There will even be a few suprises with up-beat romance and marriage compatibility tests and even a personality test that tells you heaps about your partner (or future partner) by looking at his or her pet dog or cat!"


So, let's start with one of the classic romance quizzes written by LJ. Based on Gary Chapman's book The Five Love Languages, LJ helps you discover what your primary love langauge is, as well as giving you the tools to find out the love language of your partner in:

The Five Love Languages Quiz will give you much greater insight into successfully communicating your love and affection towards the love of your life... and being understood in the process!

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