Love Quotes:
Your Romantic, Wedding And Friendship Quotes Companion

“Love is not measured by how many times you touch each other
but by how many times you reach each other."
~ Cathy Morancy

Have you ever been in the situation where you desperately wanted to convey your feelings to someone special, but couldn't find the words that really reflected what you were feeling inside?

Maybe this was when you were on an amazing date walking hand in hand along the beach, or eating out at a favourite place? Perhaps you were just hanging out at home enjoying each other's company?


Maybe, no matter how hard you looked at that speical card you got your loved one, you just couldn't work out what to write... your mind was blank!

Don't worry! Sometimes all we need is a bit of help...

Love quotes are great for this. They allow us to reach back and connect with the greatest philosophers, writers and poets throughout the ages. And as we read their words, we find in some, a mirror to our own hearts, which reflects back with profound clarity and emotion, that sentiment that we were speaking all along in our spirits.

So I hope you enjoy these love quotes - whether they be cute romantic love quotes, sweet love quotes, true love quotes, wedding quotes, friendship quotes or any other "relationshipy" quotes about love.

Use them as they are or as a springboard for your own self-expression, in reaching out to the ones you love:

Love Quotes
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